Don’t see the answer to your question? Reach out to us at tmack@floattheriver.net

Do we need to make a reservation?

Yes, reserve your tickets at floattheriver.net and click the book now button!


Can I bring my own tube?

Yes, you can bring your own tube. The cost to use our shuttle service with a personal tube is $20.


What is the group rate?

You will receive 10% off your entire order with at least 10 people in your group.


Are you open every weekend or just for events?

We are open every Saturday and Sunday between Memorial day and labor day, weather permitting. Groups of 10 or more can book on weekdays.


How long is the float?

The time length of the float will vary based on the speed of the river that day, on average it will be between 1 and 2.5 hours.


Where does the float end?

The current route ends at Waterworks park! (Subject to change depending on water conditions)


How deep is the water? 

It varies. Most of the river is ankle to knee deep, but some sections will be over your head.


Can I bring my dog?

As of now, we are not permitting pets to float the river. We are considering having a pet float day so stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter on our website!


Is there a weight, height, or age limit? 

The minimum age is 5 years old for tubing. We don't have weight or height restrictions, but keep in mind that some places can be very shallow. Physical exertion may be required. 


Do I need to be physically fit to go tubing? 

Most people don’t find tubing strenuous. If we haven't had enough rain, however, it can involve a bit of work. The lower the water level, the more work required.


Is the water safe? 

We are located between Kent and Cuyahoga Falls, this is not an Area Of Concern according to EPA. The water quality is great and the non-classed rapids are more fun than dangerous.


Do I have to be able to swim? 

We reccomned you’re able to swim before floating.


What should I do with my keys and personal items while I’m tubing? 

We have waterproof bags for sale or you can bring your own. Without protection you risk losing personal items in the river so bring one or purchase from us!


Can I take a cooler? 

Yes, you may bring a cooler and rent a tube to put it in or rent a cooler tube from us for your refreshments. We do not have ice so bring your own. Disposable containers are not permitted on the river. Alcohol is not permitted on the river or in Waterworks Park.


 Can we tie our tubes together? 

Yes. We have straps available to connect the tubes. For safety reasons, we don’t recommend floating down with more than two tubes connected.


Can I bring my own personal floatation device? 

Yes, as long as it is US Coast Guard approved.


Do you have a lifeguard on duty? 

No guide or lifeguard accompanies you on the river.


Is there somewhere we can picnic? 

Yes, at Waterworks Park there is plenty of greenspace and picnic tables for everyone to picnic. 


Do you have restrooms and changing rooms? 

Yes. Restrooms and changing rooms are available at Waterworks Park.


Can I get out of the river during the trip (to eat, shop, etc.)? 

No. Please remember that most of the property along the river is private property.


Do I need a waiver?

Yes, everyone will need to sign a waiver prior to their float. 


Can I bring a camera? 

Unless it is waterproof, we don't recommend it. It will get wet. 


Are there restrooms along the river? 

No, use the restrooms at Park before entering the river.


Can I take alcohol?

No, alcohol isn't allowed in Waterworks Park or on the Cuyahoga River.


What should I wear?

Shorts and a t-shirt or a swimsuit. Sunscreen and securely fitting shoes. Flip Flops and sandals without backs aren't permitted.


Will I get wet?

Yes! Put your towel in a dry bag or in the car. 


What happens if it rains?

We tube rain or shine. But we close during thunder and lightning as well as fast river flows, of course.


How many people do I need to get the group rate?

Parties of 10 or more get the group rate.