Meet The Founders


Our story

Float the River all started from a long-distance relationship between two outdoorsy nature-loving individuals. Savannah and TJ started dating when TJ was living in Houston working in oil and gas industry. He spent most of his time off in the areas surrounding Austin TX, in the outdoors.

Gathering a group of friends, a cooler full of refreshments, and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker was is TJ’s idea of heaven. The couple was tired of the long distance relationship so TJ decided to move to Akron where Savannah was pursuing her PhD in Analytical Chemistry. Savannah, a lover of all things adventure and outdoors introduced TJ to the Cuyahoga River. TJ told her about the fun he used to have floating the Frio, Comal, and Guadalupe rivers and they realized nobody was renting tubes on the Cuyahoga so they decided to buy a few of their own and do their own float with some friends.

After multiple trips floating the river, they received the same feedback from everyone they took with them. “THIS IS SO FUN!!” And where the concept for a Cuyahoga focused float was born.

As TJ & Savannah learned more about the rivers history they realized that it still has a negative connotation associated with it because of the fire 50 years prior. Much of the surrounding community still saw the river as dirty, so Savannah facilitated scientific experiments on the water quality of the Cuyahoga River as well as other local waterways that are used recreationally. The results proved that the Cuyahoga is just as clean as these other waterways.

Motivated to spread a more positive outlook of the Cuyahoga the couple decided to start a social venture, renting tubes on the river to give people a positive emotional experience associated with the Cuyahoga River. To help continue the rivers clean up efforts they have decided to donate a portion of their proceeds to local nonprofits that aid with river clean up. The idea has grown into a full fledged, self sustaining, business that will positively affect the local community around the river as well as the 2+ million annual visitors to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, not to mention the vast amounts of wildlife.

Float The River (FTR) is a social venture that will provide a full service floating experience on the Cuyahoga River. The float route goes from Water Works Park to River Front Parkway, both points are located in Cuyahoga Falls.

FTR’s mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable recreational experience on the Cuyahoga River and to change perceptions about the water quality, history, and overall community tone.